Company Overview

KENDOW is committed to green sustainable buildings, energy saving, carbon neutrality, sustainable energy and other fields. Our services include LEED certification, green building consultancy, energy consultancy, energy efficiency, sustainable energy, and supporting Energy Procurement  Contracts (EPC) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

KENDOW helps owners optimize energy efficiency, reduce energy bills, reduce environmental impact and create a green and comfortable living and working environment throughout the building lifecycle.

KENDOW not only helps owners improve the building sustainability strategies, but also helps them increase productivity, reduce carbon emissions, and demonstrate social responsibility.

Company Culture

  • PurposeTo help owners maximize energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality and minimize environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the building

  • ServiceProvide the service of Green Building Consulting, Energy Conservation Solution, Sustainable Energy, Energy Performance Contracting to the industrial and commercial client from domestic and foreign client

  • Social ResponsibilityCommitted to reducing carbon emissions, reducing environmental impacts, and creating a comfortable and healthy environment

  • SloganKendow make a greener life


USGBC Member

Energy Conservation License